Jeremy's September 'All Reds' Spring Mixed Dozen
Wine Pack
 is made up of hand-selected red wines from around the world for $20 each!

Focusing on spring drinking this month, he has chosen a fun array of reds including a classically structured Western Australian Pinot Noir, a deliciously rustic Montepulciano and a modern Aussie Shiraz/Malbec. All of these do a great job of representing the regions they hail from. 

As usual, included in the line-up is a good mix of mid-week wines high on drinkability combined with a few more weighty and structured examples, such as a Margaret River Cabernet and a Negroamaro blend from the Puglia region in Italy.


The offer is available throughout the month of September.


Please email to place your order.





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Lalla Rookh Bar and Eating House

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