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Recipe: Slow roasted peach & buffalo mozzarella

♫ Millions of peaches, peaches for me... Our new peach and buffalo mozzarella dish is a perfect summer salad, so easy you can make it at home! Check out the recipe below or better yet, come down to Lalla and try it with a nice glass of rosé, just the way Chef likes it. ♪ ... sun soaking bulges in the shade ♪ ♫

Slow roasted peaches, buffalo mozzarella, coriander & thyme - serves 4


4 Peaches

2 Buffalo mozzarella (room temperature)


Toasted coriander seed dressing

10g Coriander seed

5g Picked thyme

40ml Chardonnay vinegar

35ml Sherry vinegar

70ml Extra virgin olive oil

2 tbsp Honey

Salt & pepper


Slice the peaches in quarters, place on an oven rack. Season each peach with a drizzle of olive oil & honey. Slow roast on 100 degrees celsius until pink & vibrant. Half way though drizzle with more oil

For the dressing:

Toast coriander seeds, mix vinegars and add oil a little at a time, whisking in, season with salt and pepper & add thyme.

To assemble:

Tear mozzarella into small pieces, add the peach, season with sea salt & cracked pepper. Toss, then lay on plate

Drizzle dressing generously over.


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