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Lalla Team Road Trip to Hamlet Pork

Let’s talk pork

A few of the Lalla team recently took a trip to see the fantastic family operation that is Hamlet Pork.

We are passionate supporters of the WA food industry and it is great to see a local producer delivering quality right here in our home state. Here are some pics and videos from our visit!!

Macadamia to Pork

Owners Catherine and Luke started in 2008 with a macadamia orchard, then found their way to pig breeding and started delivering pork in 2014.

Berkshire Pigs

They specialise in free range Berkshire pigs, raising them in Coolup (between Pinjarra and Waroona) Western Australia.

Berkshire pigs produce a rich, sweet, buttery meat and are known as the ‘wagyu of pork’.

Big Thank You

A big thanks to Catherine and Luke for having us, we look forward to many more years of free range, locally grown Hamlet Pork.

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